Prepare your home. If you are like most of us, there is a list of jobs you would like to do before listing your home for sale. One of my first jobs is to go through my client’s property, to help determine which projects are worth completing, and which projects are better left for a new owner. Sometimes people spend time and/or money on projects that may not produce a significant return. I see hundreds of homes every year, and I know what updates are worthwhile completing. Clean and uncluttered are the most important issues without a doubt.

Price it right. I give my clients the facts. What is happening in the current market? What have similar properties in the area sold for? What comparable properties are currently available? What properties were listed for sale, but did not sell. By determining your asking price based on the relevant facts, you can help ensure a quick sale.

I would like to tell you 5 reasons why letting me market your home is the smart choice.
1. I will prepare a careful and thorough Comparative Market Analysis on your home to help you arrive at the best possible listing price. Pricing your home correctly the first time can help you to avoid a lengthy stay on the market.

2. There is more to marketing a home than putting a sign in the yard and an ad in the classifieds. I will prepare an aggressive marketing plan that begins with listing your home in the MLS and continues with mail-outs, frequent ads and a virtual online tour of your home.

3. I will market your house not only to potential buyers but to other agents. Marketing to other agents through avenues such as “REALTORS’® open houses” gets your house noticed by the people most likely to bring you the right offer. Most buyers don’t show up off the street, they are brought by REALTORS®!

4. I will get your house on the REALTORS’® “A” list by installing a lock box on your house. Here’s why… Like you, REALTORS® are busy people, often touring homes with several clients in a single day. They will tend to show the homes which provide easy access and which don’t require appointments. These are the “A” list houses. Only after they have exhausted these possibilities will they take the time to set up appointments to show homes which do not have a lock box.

5. I will do a pre-marketing walk-through with you to help you pinpoint areas of your home that need visual improvement or re-arranging to make the best first impression. For house-hunters first impressions do count!
As an experienced REALTOR® with a respected company I have the training, the support network, the knowledge and the tools to help you get the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time.